Yunus 15

is Professor Yunus’ newest contribution to the Sport for Development sector.

Awarded the Olympic Laurel for his work for development in sports, Professor Yunus is very familiar with the transformative power of sport. His social business principles find in sport a great pool of opportunities to leverage and increase this power.

It’s time to use these principles to bring even more impact in and through the Sport for Development sector.

Welcome to Pitch, a platform by Yunus Sports Hub.

A Pitch of opportunities

We have put together different tools and services for your sport NGO or social business project to take the next steps to generate new revenues and business opportunities with the aim of becoming more sustainable.

It is the platform created by the Yunus Sports Hub to empower you to develop new business models so you have more impact and your social business is sustainable. A curated and large list of tools and resources to change the game in and through sports. Access valuable resources, discover funding opportunities, connect with fellow social entrepreneurs, and more.

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Access hundreds of free resources

Videos, articles, tools, templates, and more at your fingertips to help you successfully plan, launch and grow your social business. 

All the resources available have been recommended by mentors, experts and members of our community.

Learn about upcoming events



Stay up to date with the different events happening in the world of sport and social business and find the ones which interest you the most.

Find funding opportunities


Discover local and global funding opportunities for your social business. Explore the different funding categories that are relevant to your organisation or stage of development of your business.


Connect with experts mentors

Be challenged, supported and coached by one of our qualified mentors. Connect one-on-one with professionals selected for their expertise and knowledge, who can help you and your business evolve.

Create personalized goodies for your brand


Order custom-made and high-quality promotional items for your clients, team and community at the best price.

Introduction to entrepreneurship

You speak French, you are an athlete or you have an idea of social business and wish to be accompanied in the development of your project?  

You wish to analyze your professional and personal skills and define a professional project (Program available in 2023)